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Adhyatma Prakasha Karyalaya

When one speaks of Adhyatma Prakasha Karyalaya, the lofty ideals and dedication of its founder, H.H.Shri Satchidanandendra Saraswathi Swamiji (1880-1975) forms invariably a part of the Karyalaya. The main object of the institution is to help the interpretation of Indian culture by stimulating the study & practice of Adhyatma Vidya. The Karyalaya has been able to steadfastly defend its viewpoints of Adi Shankara's preaching.

The word "Karyalaya" translates into "work place" in common language. This esteemed institution, from the day of its inception in 1920 has been blessed to be under the care of such revered personalities as the Swamiji himself till his mortal end in 1975 and subsequently looked after by Veda Bramha Shri Lakshminarasimha Murthy.

Adhyatma Prakasha Karyalaya's Head Office at Holenarasipur today stands in a spacious one acre area and is dotted by coconut tree garden. Amidst the cool environs are a temple of Sri Rama, Padukas (Footwear) of Swamiji, a free reading room and a consulting library for the use of the public and a book collection & selling center.

The newly constructed Guest House is equipped with modern facilities such as attached toilets etc. The Karyalaya organizes regular discourses on Vedanta and related topics and Vedanta Saptahas (One Week Discourses on Vedanta) twice a year - in May and December. Many renowned scholars will participate in giving discourses.

The Karyalaya had to its credit a publishing house since 1923 from which it was publishing a monthly magazine "Adhyatma Prakasha" apart from bringing out over 200 books pertaining to the Vedanta Methodology of Sri Shankaracharya in Kannada, English, Sanskrit. Now it is switched over to D.T.P & Offset printing, being carried out at Bangalore.

Donations to Karyalaya activities are exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax Act of India.

The institution founded by Brahmibhuta Satchidanandendra Saraswathi Swamiji during 1920, converted into a Private Trust under the guidance of Swamiji & later on registered as a Public Charitable Trust during 1990 and is being administered by a Trust Committee.

The Karyalaya continues to toil to keep-up its prestigious image of an authoritative promoter of Advaita Philosophy.

(Digvijaya Rama Mandira, Adhyatma Prakasha Karyalaya, Holenarsipur)

Swami Satchidanandendra Saraswathi (1880 A.D. -1975 A.D.)


His name was Y. Subba Rao before he took to Sanyasa under the name Shri Satchidanandendra Saraswathi Swamiji. He was famous as Purushasaraswathi. He lived like Abhinava Shankaracharya and reached the abode of God on Aug 5th 1975. His view was to propagate pristine pure Advaita Vedanta as expounded by Shri Gaudapada, Shri Shankara Bhagavatpada and Shri Sureshwara in their extant works. These works were based on the three Canonical Vedantic texts viz. Ten Principal Upanishads, Bhagavadgita and Vedanta Sutras (popularly known as Brahma Sutra).

The revered Swamiji carried out research for over six decades with a profound sense of dedication and missionary zeal so as to cleanse Advaita Vedanta of the dross and distortions that it had acquired in the post-Shankara era.

Though the Swamiji has authored nearly 20 odd books in English and over 25 books in Sanskrit, many of his masterpieces are written in Kannada. In order to provide the benefits of these gems, the Karyalaya has also brought out several books in English which are faithful translations of the original texts in Kannada.

Some of the important works of the Revered Swamiji are :

Sanskrit Books

1) Vedanta Prakriya Prathyabhijna
2) Sugama & Sutra Bhashyartha Vivechani
3) Mandukya Rahasya Vivruthi
4) Kleshapaharini
5) Gitaa Shastrartha Viveka

Books in English

1) Suddha Shankara Prakriya Bhaaskara
2) Salient features of Shankara Vedanta
3) Misconceptions about Shankara Vedanta
4) Upanishadic approach to reality
5) Shankara's clarifications of certain Vedantic concepts

Books in Kannada

1) Shankara Bhashyas on
   a) Bhagavadgeetha
   b) Ten Principal Upanishads
   c) Brahma Sutra
2) Paramartha Chintamani
3) Shankara Vedanta Sara
4) Bhagavadgita explained through 200 discourses
5) A historical development of Vedanta (Vedanta Vicharada Ithihasa)

The Swamiji also started a monthly magazine in Kannada called "Adhyatma Prakasha" in 1923 which is now being published by the Karyalaya. It is the only Vedantic Magazine of its kind trying to propagate Pristine Pure Advaita Philosophy of Sri Shankaracharya in Kannada.


(Samadhi of Sri Sri Satchidanandra Saraswathi Swamiji, Holenarsipur)

The Karyalaya is also publishing a monthly Vedanta magazine in Kannada under the name "Adhyatma Prakasha".

The magazine started by the revered Swamiji in 1923 is the only Vedantic Magazine of its kind trying to propagate Pristine Pure Advaita Philosophy of Sri Shankaracharya in Kannada. Articles from the Prasthanatraya Bhashyas form the chief content of the magazine. Articles relating to Jnana, Bhakti & Vairagya form a regular feature.The annual subscription is Rs 30 & Rs 500 for Maha Poshakas (Life Membership). For foreign countries it is 50 US dollars.

A Temple of Sri Digvijaya Rama has been constructed and arrangements have been made for daily pooja for the deity.

Apart from offering daily pooja to the Digvijaya Rama, Samadhi Pooja (prayers to the Swamiji's Samadhi), Teachings of Vedanta Bhashyas will be conducted daily. Sri Rama Navami, Shankara Jayanti, Birth Anniversary of Swamiji, Sharannavarathri, Gita Jayanti, Vedanta Saptaha are some of the regular festivals and programs held at the Karyalaya.

A free reading room & a consulting library consisting of books and magazines on rare Vedantic literature is also maintained.

The Karyalaya has established a Vedantic college for training up model students for the dissemination of Adhyatma Vidya.

Publication of Books & distribution to the public at subsidized rates is the main activity.

Recently, discourses on Brahmasutra Bhashya, Geetha Bhashya by Late Vidwan H.S. Lakshminarasimha Murthy that were recorded earlier are available for sale.

(Sri K.G. Subraya Sharma, Sri H.S. Lakshminarasimha Murthy - Swamiji's students)

Trust Objectives
1. The main object of the Institution is to propagate "Brahma Vidya or Adhyatma Vidya", the eternal contained in Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavadgeetha and Brahmasutras, as interpreted by Adi Shankaracharya.

2. Translating & Publishing books of Sanskrit on "Adhyatma Vidya" to Kannada and English.

3. Arranging public lectures and conducting seminars on Adhyatma Vidya.

4. Conducting Vedantins' meet and classes, publishing the monthly magazine 'Adhyatma Prakasha' and quarterly magazine 'Shankara Bhaskara'.

5. Establishing of Vedanta Schools to train qualified workers and students to disseminate ‘Adhyatma Vidya' giving Asylum to impassioned saints and sanyasins and utilizing their services as Pracharakas.

6. It also provides for opening schools and conduct classes to propagate and teach Sanskrit, conducting educational camps, seminars, publishing such books as helpful in propagating Sanskrit and such other activities.

7. Establishing contact with other institutions having similar activities and objects and help to spread this knowledge of Adhyatma Vidya.

8. To sum up, the most sacred object of the institution is to explain vividly and disseminate the inexhaustible treasure and cream of the hallowed 'BHARATEEYA SAMSKRITI'.

Sri Y. Venkatanarasappa, Swamiji's Son and
Sri Vittala Shastry, Swamiji's Student seen alongwith Swamiji

Contact Information
Adhyatma Prakasha Karyalaya,
Holenarsipur, Hassan - 573 211
Karnataka, INDIA.
Phone : +91-08175-273820
e-mail :

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